Urban Apps is a small software company out of NYC, founded in 2008 by Matt Coneybeare. Focusing mainly on apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Urban Apps has created several top-10 apps including Ambiance and Hourly News. Throughout the years, Urban Apps has expanded with great apps on Mac, Windows and Android.

All of our apps have been created to solve a problem that we ourselves have faced. Urban Apps only develops apps that we actually want to use. This leads to well-crafted apps that are designed with a purpose, putting usability and simplicity first-and-foremost. We hope you enjoy our apps, because we sure do.

On occasion, we help people develop apps for their business or personal projects, but the main focus at Urban Apps is making our own great desktop, mobile and web apps. We offer competitive rates and the same quality applied to each of our own apps. Please contact us to see if we are available to help with your project.



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Important! Don’t send app support or suggestions here. Visit the support page, select the app you are contacting us about. App support messages left here may go unseen as they will not be filed correctly.